About Us

At MBC Home Health, we understand that patients who are recovering from chronic illness, recent surgery, or are otherwise unable to live independently, greatly benefit from being in the comfort of their own homes. Our home health service professionals work with patients and their physicians to create care plans best suited to their daily living and care needs. Our dedicated team of professionals provide exceptional care, personalized to each patient. Our home health professionals are fully licensed and certified in their respective fields. They have the appropriate clinical training and supervision to ensure our patients receive the highest quality of care.

Treatment programs and assistance programs are fully customized to the individual needs of each patient to ensure the most effective care possible. Home is where primary and preventative healthcare should begin. Home is the best setting to thrive for people of all ages. With the support of our clinicians, families can participate in and influence the care of their loved ones. Our professional staff will work with you, your physician and family to develop an appropriate plan of care that fits your specific goals and healthcare needs.

Eligibility and Costs

Home health can often cost less than traditional hospital or long-term nursing care. The charges are based on fee for each service visit. The fees may be paid directly by a patient or family; however, most patients elect to process payments through their insurance plans. Many private insurance plans offer home health coverage. Medicare and Medi-Cal also offer coverage options for home health care services.

In order to be eligible for home health services, the patient must be considered homebound. This means that the individual must be unable to leave home without some degree of difficulty. Some individuals are only momentarily homebound, such as after a surgery or hospitalization. Other individuals are considered homebound due to longstanding difficulties leaving home, such as those using a walker due to history of falls or individuals who are unable to leave their home without the assistance of another person. If there is a question of homebound status, our intake team would be happy to provide further education and guidance.

Additionally, the medical condition must require skilled care. Home health requires a referral or prescription from a physician or qualifying healthcare facility, such as hospital or rehab center.

Supplies and Equipment

To all Medicare patients, MBC Home Health will assist to furnish necessary medical supplies. These can include wound dressing, catheter and ostomy supplies. If you have Medicare and have had a recent hospitalization, you may qualify for durable medical equipment such as hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, commodes or speech therapy apparatus. Please discuss any equipment needs with your MBC Home Health clinician. As part of a comprehensive evaluation, the clinicians will recommend any needed equipment to optimize safety and independence in the home.

How is home health started?

If you are interested in setting up home health services, simply contact your physician for a home health referral. Scheduling of visits will be determined by your physician’s orders and the skilled professionals providing the home health services. One the referral is received by our agency, the start of care visit will be scheduled. At the start of care, the patient is admitted to home health, and the plan of care is established, outlining the frequency and duration of skilled services.